I'm sure you've noticed that the wedding industry is an extremely gendered place. Whether you fit into the title of Bride and Groom, Bride and Bride, Groom and Groom, or simply Fiancés, I am here to create a space for you to feel comfortable sharing your dream wedding without being/ feeling judged, critiqued, out of place, or uncomfortable in any way. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I make it my personal mission to ensure that your wedding day is one day that you will stand out without feeling out of place, because everyone deserves the wedding of their dreams! Every couple I choose to work with are those who want that unique, out-of-the box, yet elegant weddings! I left the world of providing the same copy and paste wedding in order to fulfill your dreams of having a wedding as stunning and unique as you.

By putting myself as the main point of contact between you and all of your vendors, I can ensure that all of those little stressors don't chip away at the beautifully emotion filled day that you've always imagined in your head. I put as much attention, effort, and passion into every wedding I choose to work with as if it were my own. I offer a more personalized form of wedding planning where you know that by the time that big day comes around you can feel completely confident in leaving the success of your party in my hands. All you have to worry about is being the star of the show, and smiling for your photos!